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06/04/2018 – 06/05/2018

Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" in the Audimax of the HTW Berlin

Together with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH  and the HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences), the network MoDiSeM organizes the Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services – Services for Mobility".

„Autonome, mobile Dienste - Services für Mobilität“


This forum has four components:

  • Conference "Autonomous Mobile Services" (Read more...)
  • Fourth internal workshop of the network MoDiSeM (Read more…)
  • Transfer Day "Innovative Offers for Everyday Life in Work and Leisure" (Read more…)
  • Citizens' Forum "Innovations for Mobility" (Read more…)

The Innovation Forum proves to be a great success for the three organizers and thus also for the network MoDiSeM. In total, about 150 people participate. Among them are also small groups, whose attention was only aroused by the demonstrations and test rides on the outdoor area and who previously had accordingly not registered for the event.

The track record also includes compliance with the program. All registered presentations were held on time in high quality. Regarding the exhibitions there were no reductions of the original program. On the contrary, many companies offered further exhibits and presentations after the deadline. Although this was a challenge for the organizers, the offers could be integrated in any case.

Although 6 hours were available for the Transfer Day, part of the Innovation Forum, many attendees had time issues to visit all of interest to them, especially since the presentations were spatially distributed to the large Audimax and an extensive outdoor area behind the building.