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Joint stand at Innovation Day for SMEs

As in 2018, this year's Innovation Day for SMEs of the BMWi at AiF Projekt GmbH in Berlin-Pankow is once again a special event in the life of MoDiSeM.

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Joint Congress of BMWi and VIU

This congress of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Association of Innovative Enterprises takes place in the Congress Centre of the BMWi under the title

Innovation in SMEs - How Transfer Works.

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, takes part. In particular, the keynote lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Stich (Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR) e. V. at RWTH Aachen) and the subsequent discussion during the conference reveals synergy potential. This concerns in particular current R&D initiatives of the network in the range of autonomous services for the health economy.